Black Women “Crabs in a Barrel Syndrome”

First, let me say that I am ‘pro woman.’ I believe we are God’s very special gift, but today I want to talk to my Black Sista’s. I am a Black woman and have heard many stories about this subject from other Black women. I love, respect, and look up to a lot of Black women but I have a major concern with “some” Black Sista’s. I am hoping that this blog can shed some light on this unpleasant situation and we can all learn something.

I have heard several Black women talking about sticking together and having each other’s back. I love hearing such positive messages but if there are so many positives then why is there so much HATING going on with Black women. It really leaves a bad taste to see this. We have so many commonalities that we should be promoting and uplifting each other at all times. I have seen it with my own eyes and it’s happened to me. Black women are being hated by other Black women because of the green eyed monster Jealousy. I really believe that there is something within that person that they feel they are lacking when they hate in this way.

My desire is to be in a circle of women who are doing well and who I feel may be smarter than me; to be around women that I can be assistance to. I want to gain knowledge from my Sista’s; I want to have positive and effective dialogue with my Sista’s; and most of all I want to uplift, promote, and have their backs! If Sista’s believe this then my only suggestion is; walk the walk you talk. Don’t hate on a Sista because she is trying to better herself; because she has the materials things that you may want; hate on her because she is in a relationship; have a home and cars. How can we move forward as women if we are tearing each other down? I hear women who continue to complain about what men do, but let’s all look in the mirror and see what we are doing to each other as women. I am under the belief that there may be more woman-to-woman serious issues than we have with men. Just because you see what a Sista has you do not know the struggle it took for her to have it; or what about this: Why don’t we get to genuinely know her and find out how she came about those things and maybe she will share those jewels of knowledge with us!

Please, we have to stop Hating on each other because we are all so fabulous that there is no need. Find a Sista today and show her some love, because I sure am! I really need to hear your thoughts on this subject.

I found an awesome article by Dr. Melody T. McCloud it is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ!


3 thoughts on “Black Women “Crabs in a Barrel Syndrome”

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog and thank you. I am doing a two hour segment on my TV Show today, August 16th, from 2pm-4pm and wanted to know if you would be able to call in at 631-669-7999. You may tune in to the show on
    My personal phone number is 631-741-5616 – I hope you can join in the conversation. Peace

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